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The EMEI Review is a podcast that carries on the mission of the Crinnion Opinion podcast which reviewed the published literature on environmental pollution and health from 2013-2019 (available for free at crinnionopinion.com).

With the passing of Dr. Walter Crinnion in 2019, the EMEI podcast was born to continue helping healthcare providers stay current with published studies on the toxicant/disease connection as well as cutting edge research on solutions to pollutant-induced health conditions.

IF you have already registered for the Clinical Training in Environmental Medicine course you’ll get a year’s subscription to the EMEI Review for free, just use the same registration login to get into both.

Here is look behind the curtain of the EMEI Review so far:

April 2023


In this podcast learn about the ramifications of the burning of vinyl chloride in East Palestine, Ohio. What are the health effects now, and what can be reasonably anticipated for the future.


March 2023


What is released in sweat? Which toxicants actually move from adipose and other tissues into sweat glands and make it out of the body? Is sauna actually a strategy for toxic metal removal? Which nutrients  are lost in sweat and how do you replace them? What are the medical contradindications for sauna? These questions and many more are explored and answered through published studies in this podcast. There are some surprises- one of them is just how much copper is lost in sweat.  Listen on!


February 2023


This month, a long awaited podcast on the science of sweating, a deep dive into sweat glands and a review of the studies on sauna and health conditions: cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality, pneumonia and upper respiratory disease, depression and heat shock proteins. What is the difference between a Finnish sauna, a far infrared sauna and a low-heat medical sauna. This podcast explains all that and gets you ready for March 2023- see below.


 January 2023


This month, the first podcast of 2023 includes a revealing interview with an air filtration expert and a review of the indoor air pollutants that cause health problems. This podcast continues with a review of an  an eye-opening analysis of the 80 “modifiable contributing factors” to COVID-19 infection written by expert toxicologist Ronald Kostoff and globally recognized endocrinologist Yehudi Shoenfeld (among others). This is literally a list of America’s top toxicants and the consequent health problems they cause related to increased risk of COVID-19: alcohol, arsenic,  benzene, BPA, cadmium, chronic stress, lead exposure, magnesium deficiency, mercury’s effect on immunity, etc.  An eye-opening look at how we got here.


june 2022 podcast image

December 2022 

This podcast is dedicated to the many providers who have asked “what is cesium doing in my patient’s urine???” In this episode we look at radionuclides (lead, polonium, and cesium) to find out where they come from and how they are stored in the human body and what health conditions they may be linked to. [Yes that’s the Fukushia Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011 to the left]. 

We also review a groundbreaking study on lead exposure in America that reveals over 50% of adults alive today were exposed to levels of lead in childhood that lowered their IQ. Wow.

june 2022 podcast image

November 2022

In this episode we look at newly emerging sources of BPA which include meat and seafood.

We also review a very surprising source of BPA exposure in children. PFAS in feminine products are also reviewed.

October 2022

A fascinating interview with Bob Miller looking at the “canary in the coalmine” snps, MCAS, histamine, DAO (diamine oxidase) -why some individuals have to take it indefinitely, why some people react very badly to methylfolate, what intermittent fasting has to do with COVID and so much more. Enjoy! 

june 2022 podcast image

September 2022

We take a look at the amount of BPA found in breast cancer tissue versus normal breast tissue. Similarily, we look at mercury in pancreatic cancer tissue, versus non-cancerous pancreatic tissue. We discover that male testicular dysgenesis is a strong surrogate for ASD.

Next- we continue to find microplastics in the darnest places like human placenta, and review metabolism of phthalates and DINCH, a non-phthalate alternative.

Listen on.

june 2022 podcast image

August 2022

We take a look at the effect of PFAS on liver enzymes. This is only one of the myriad ways that PFAS harm human bodies. What is the solution? Avoidance (of course) but we also review some very intriguing information about the effect of one specific antioxidant that may help protect against the damage from PFAS: oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC).

Next- permethrin treated clothing to repel mosquitos and ticks- does it end up in your bloodstream and urine? The short answer is YES. We also explore the alternatives for tick repellents.

Listen on.

june 2022 podcast image

July 2022

In this episode we review metals and suseptibility to viral infections.  Also we review an original study on renovated university spaces that omitted two entire classes of toxicants and see how they fared with the unrenovated spaces.  There are some surprises here! And finally, an enlightening discussion of semen deterioration follows.  You will never guess which toxicant has the highest negative effect on semen quality but I’ll give you a hint: it’s in 93% of Americans.

june 2022 podcast image

June 2022

The cause of weight gain can no longer be explained by the outdated calculation of “calories in- calories out” but is now clearly driven by specific environmental obesogens. These chemicals, found in over 90% of the U.S. population, program obesity in utero, in childhood, adulthood and intergenerationally. Can this programming and direct assault on adipose tissue and insulin sensitivity be reversed? Maybe.

micor plastics

May 2022

Microplastics are everywhere. Autopsy reports are finding it in organs, especially organs of elimination. Also microplastics have been found in blood and placenta. This podcast addresses the question of what is actually IN plastics and microplastics, and provides a route of detoxification for plastics, including BPA, that goes far beyond the rule of avoidance.


April 2022

Interview with Dr. Russell Jaffe. Dr. Jaffe discusses magnesium sufficiency and excessive magnesium excretion in the face of our patients’ chemical toxicant exposures and burden. Find out the key to supplementing magnesium effectively.

plastic bottles

March 2022

How do endocrine disruptors affect fertility and reproductive health? What do autopsies show about microplastics getting into the body? Do microplastics have anything to do with autism spectrum disorder? Tune in to this month’s podcast to find out.


January 2022

How clean is the wine you are drinking? This podcast delves into some of the toxins that you are unwittingly ingesting with your glass of wine, and the evolution in winemaking that is taking place. And then there’s a toxic secret hiding in baby foods that needs to come out.

toxicant chemicals

December 2021

A great review article on vit. C and COVID-19 by one of the leading researchers in IV vit. C and immunoregulation, We’ll also cover a groundbreaking study on adipose tissue and the toxicants within it as well as how they correlate with insulin and glucose regulation, obesity and adipose tissue inflammation. Finally, a review of toxicant exposure events including the EPA sick building debacle, 9/11 and ground zero, and other large population exposure events that resulted in TILT- toxicant-initiated loss of tolerance. This is a seminal article that will guide you in understanding and treating all of your patients that have chemical sensitivities.

makeup podcast

October 2021

What are “next generation” probiotics? They are not Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium species or maybe probiotics you have ever heard of before: this month’s podcast is about these next generation probiotics as a strategy for addressing metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes. We also review articles about lead exposure and a general review of lead toxicity in children and adults.

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September 2021

A review of the latest literature covering benzene in sunscreens and their recall, PFAS in cosmetics and ingredient lists of natural cosmetics, and finally what effect a shared environment has on common endocrine disruptors.

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August 2021

A review of the genomics of detoxification, glutathione and COVID, the role of sulforaphane, and finally pesticides and dysbiosis- pesticide exposure leads to dysbiosis, which leads to endotoxemia, which leads to mucosal permeability.

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July 2021

Perfluorinates, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants and Post-Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS). We take a look at perfluorinates in cosmetics, relationship of proximity to pesticide spraying and risk for childhood brain tumors, endotoxemia and COVID-19 and, finally, plastics and POPs ( BPA, PCBs) and their effect on the microbiome and intestinal barrier disruption.

man surfing

June 2021

Toxicant Exposure and Risk of COVID-19 infection and severity. A review of published studies on COVID-19 risk and common exposures like air pollutants (PM2.5), endocrine disruptors (plastics), metals and some uncommon exposures like Corexit (remember the Deepwater Horizon spill?) that now contaminates the ocean, and the skin of surfers and fishermen.

May 2021

Phthalates are one of the top 3 insidious toxicants that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Phthalates are endocrine disruptors, can lower testosterone, and cause feminization of male newborns.

April 2021

PCBs have long been suspected to contribute to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and a new study reviewed this month identifies a new way to differentiate NAFLD caused by toxicants from NAFLD from other causes. The study centers on the community of Anniston, Alabama, who have all been chronically exposed to drinking water  laced with PCBs and where 60% of the community is estimated to have NAFLD.

March 2021

BPA is known as the poster child for endocrine disrupting chemicals for a reason. It’s far-reaching effects into reproductive and metabolic health have the potential to disrupt human lives and the health of future generations.

February 2021

Do organic diets alter urinary glyphosate levels in families? Arsenic Everywhere: exposure assessment, testing and treatment.  Includes a review of global hotspots including the United States.

January 2021

Mercury Part 2: A review of risk groups: amalgam fillings and those who place them (dental offices) as well as case studies in acute mercury exposure.

December 2020

Mercury- sources of exposure, signs and symptoms, research in the relationship of mercury levels to insulin insensitivity, neurologic issues, mood disorders, and the common symptoms seen in fish-eaters: headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, head hair loss and metallic taste in mouth. (PMID:  12676623)

November 2020

(free podcast) a look at groundbreaking research regarding EMF/EMR (electromagnetic radiation) exposure from cell phones, cell towers, wifi routers, etc. and health conditions from global experts who presented at the EMF Conference held in Scotts Valley CA in September 2019.

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